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How can I help you?


Are you struggling with stress brought on by Covid-19?

  • Feelings of isolation, overwhelm, depression, anxiety, helplessness and/or hopelessness

  • Insomnia or poor sleep

  • Lack of energy or motivation

  • Death, illness or fear for the safety of a loved one

  • Spiritual desolation

  • Worry that life will never return to normal


Has your beloved animal companion died or are you struggling with the decision to euthanize?

  • Feeling a void in your life

  • Deep sadness and grief at the loss of your furry friend

  • Feeling alone or fearing being alone

  • Crying for no reason (although I assure you there is very good reason!)

  • Feeling like no one understands your grief

  • Embarrassment at not being able to "get over it"


Would you like to take control and become the master of your own destiny?

  • Find your true calling / discover your purpose

  • Improve on an existing skill

  • Increase your memory and your capacity to learn

  • Expand your horizons and possibilities

  • Connect with your heart and find your bliss! 

  • Find inner peace

  • Explore Past Lives to gain insight 

  • Spiritual growth and development

Who am I and why do I do this?


Linda Ibberson

Linda Ibberson - CHt and EFT I,II


Pet Loss Grief Therapy

There is so much fear and grief swirling around the planet right now that I feel compelled to do something to help.  Stress has always been the number one reason people seek my services, but with the onset of Covid-19 it has reached near epidemic proportions in our society. And after all... we are all in this together.


When I lost a friend to the virus back in March this year (2020), I was grief-stricken. "How could this have happened? He seemed so healthy!" were the thoughts in my mind. I was already mourning the sudden loss of my beloved cat Hoops who was at my side for 16 years, and I felt beaten down. I felt like I had lost all resiliency. And to top it off, being physically distanced from my loved ones added to my own sense of isolation.

It was only when I turned within that I found solace and comfort and returned to a space of personal power.

This is what I want to share with you and with others. That despite all evidence to the contrary, there is always hope.

I believe in healing from the inside out, and that a simple shared smile can work healing wonders!

Quite simply, I care. I care deeply about people, about animals, and about the planet. And hey, I'm a really great hypnotherapist to boot! ;-)

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Don't know how to "fix" it?

Access the wisdom of your heart and the power of your subconscious mind to enable powerful  healing and transformation!


Feeling anxious or fearful?

EFT stands for "Emotional Freedom Technique". Sometimes you will hear people refer to it simply as tapping. It involves tapping at the end points of energy meridians located in the body. Let me guide you in using this wonderfully effective technique to bring down emotional charge, to return to a state of peace, and to allow space for new possibilities to enter in.


Feeling lost after the death of your beloved pet or agonizing at the thought of euthanasia?

Our animal companions love us unconditionally, and are a big part of our daily lives. Losing them can be emotionally devastating. 

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